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Hello there! - My name is Caroline Ann Cope

I am the founder of Girl Got Craft. I am married mum of two boys, Joseph (2014) and James (2015). I live in Manchester, United Kingdom. My blog is my own personal space to share all the things I love, indoor plants, cactus, succulents, sewing, baking, upcycles, home decor, family life and crafts (not necessarily in that order!). 

On my blog you will find my ramblings about the shenanigans of my plants, new plant acquisitions, home decor ideas, new purchases, cool shops and some lovely craft ideas for you to try and any other silly stuff as an antidote to  life's serious stuff.

I also run an online forum to share your own creativity, craft projects, handmade finds, knowledge and anything that puts a smile on your face!

I also have my own handmade business called Girl Got Bag for handmade bags, purses and jewellery.


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